Life Sucks Then You Die Part VII

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We’re sitting in a large, white van with no rear windows.  The kind you use to kidnap people.  The stolen kind.  Psycho here keeps switching his gaze between his watch and a set of double doors on the university’s east side.

I have more than a few questions at this juncture.

“Your phone…” I begin.

He interrupts with a chuckle, “You mean your phone…”

“My phone?  No, no.  I… I smashed my phone right before you showed up.  That, I remember.”

“Yeah, you smashed your shitty sheep phone.  Why did you do that?  No one will ever know.  Don’t panic, buckaroo.  There is an infinite number of sheep phones throughout parallel universes.”

This guy was pissing me off.  Again.

“I’m talking about in the car.  Right before you burned the shoe store.  I saw it before it happened.  On your phone.”

“Are we gonna talk about cellphones all day, or are we going to grab this fucking scientist?  You sound like a goddamn teenage girl.”

I know the plan.  I just don’t know why.  When the physicist he has a hard-on for comes out of the university, I am going to hit the gas.  Hotshot here is going to jump out and throw him in the cargo bay.  If you ask me, this plan requires at least two more guys.

He definitely can’t do it himself.  So I say, “I’m not doing shit until you tell me why we’re here.”

“Ah, grew a set of balls, did you?  Very good.  Listen up.  All you need to know right now is that the good doctor took something from me and I took something from him.  Once we get him back to the hotel, all of your questions will be answered.”

I guess that’s the best I can hope for.

He punches me in the arm and says, “You’re doing great.  Now, stay frosty.  Two minutes.”

I turn the key in the ignition and the van’s engine comes to life.



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