No Rainbow. No Problem.

The city councillors of Chilliwack, B.C. voted not to paint a rainbow crosswalk in their downtown core.  Here is the full story.

If you’ve been reading the blog and you get a little turned off by some of my negative-sounding rants, today is your lucky day.  I feel very positive about this story.

The decision of the Chilliwack city council indicates that humans are capable of making common-sense decisions.  It indicates that not all people are sheep, going along with the crowd.  It indicates that stupidity does not always reign supreme.

The councillors voted to keep the semantics of our road markings intact.  (When we see a red octagon, we stop.  When we see a reflective white crosshatch, we have arrived at a crosswalk).

They voted not to brand our road markings with political symbols.

And even more impressively, they voted NOT to waste taxpayer dollars.  

And that, my friends, is something I can speak positively about.

9 thoughts on “No Rainbow. No Problem.

  1. Common sense exercised? I’m shocked, absolutely shocked. I was beginning to think that “Common Sense” was the name of a unicorn.

    Regarding the cause, I’ve never cared, one way or the other, about someone’s “inclinations”. To me, that comes under the heading “none of my business.” People shouldn’t be harassed or punished for that, anymore than anyone should be punished for the color of their skin.

    Hm. Chilliwack. Now, there’s a name I haven’t heard of in years:


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