Life Sucks Then You Die Part VIII

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One minute to go. I go over a checklist in my head. Grab Cassar. Back to the hotel. Find out how to disable the towers. Kill Cassar. Then get rid of number two over here. That should tie up loose ends.

A delivery van pulls up and parks right in front of us, blocking our vehicle. The driver is already hopping out with a package in his hands. Quickly, I roll down the window and holler at the driver, “You can’t park there, buddy!”

The driver turns his back to me and walks toward the university as if I don’t exist. In this quantum entanglement I have found myself in, I think for a moment that maybe I don’t.

“Now what?” asks my counterpart in the driver’s seat.

“Fuck it. We’ll grab him on foot. Leave it running.”

I look down at my watch.

“Thirty seconds. Let’s go.”

We jump out of the van and walk briskly toward the university doors. “Smile,” I think, as I notice the security camera mounted above the entrance.

We are just arriving at the doors when a loud explosion rings out. A gunshot. Then another. Followed by a third.

I grab my counterpart and pull him against the wall alongside me, next to the double doors. The door closest to us flies open with such force it remains locked in the open position. We tuck ourselves behind the door and watch as the fucking delivery driver exits the university, his arm extended, with a handful of Dr.Cassar’s white hair between his fingers. His other hand has a gun pointed at the base of Cassar’s neck. They shuffle by, the doctor’s arms raised.

We stay out of sight as the doctor’s captor marches our scientist friend to the delivery van. He keeps the gun trained on the doctor and forces him into the driver’s seat. He gets in the passenger side, and with the gun still pointed at Raymond Cassar’s head, yells, “DRIVE!”

The good doctor complies. The delivery vehicle peels away.

Mister Subaru slides down the wall and starts shaking like a leaf.

I peek around the still-open door to see two campus security guards and one other man lying on the university floor. Lots of blood and no movement.

“That went well,” I say, “Let’s get the fuck outta here before the cops show up.”


8 thoughts on “Life Sucks Then You Die Part VIII

  1. WHAT KIND OF BED-TIME STORY IS THIS??? I don’t think that shadow-lady is the shadow-kid’s real mummy… SHE’S A SHEEP IN MUM’S CLOTHING!!! doodoodoodoodoodoodoo (That’s the Twilight Zone Theme).

    Liked by 1 person

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