Taylor Swift v. Tool

At the end of this article, I invite you to VOTE in the comment section: who do you prefer, Taylor Swift or TOOL?

In this news article, I read about something very alarming:  Tool is likely going to knock Taylor Swift out of the number one spot on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart.

I know what you’re thinking, “It must be a slow news day if BlackSheep is writing about Taylor Swift.”

There are scary implications to this story that I have picked up on that need to be reported to the public.  As the only regular writer on NotSheepMinded I have to wear many hats: Prohibitor of senseless products, bitcher, complainer, fiction writer, bad poet, ray of sunshine, and on occasion, journalist.

So allow me to report.

The American progressive rock band Tool just released their first album in 13 years.  Legal battles, countersuits, and perfectionism were among the reasons why it took them so long.  Their new album, Fear Inoculum, hit the shelves last Friday and it is trending very well.  So well that it poses a good chance of unthroning Taylor’s latest album, Lover from the top spot on the charts.

That isn’t sitting too well with Taylor’s fans.  They’ve taken to social media to try and stop it.

We’ve almost reached the point of this post where I am going to preach to you about the sins of the cellular phone, or as it is now ironically known, the “smartphone”.

First, let me put on the hat of a music historian.

My favourite album, and in one sheep’s humble opinion, the best debut rock album of all time, Appetite for Destruction, finally reached number one on the Billboard charts in August of 1988.  Welcome to the jungle, baby.

Then, horrifyingly enough, it was dethroned the very next week by Def Leppard’s Hysteria.  Then Steve Winwood took the number one spot.  Then Tracy Chapman.  Then Def Leppard again.

You couldn’t take to social media in those days.  You couldn’t stream the album on repeat.  All you could do was buy the album yourself and get your friends to buy the album.  Of course, why would they do that when you already made them a “tape”?

Now it is different.  You can put the plea out to your quote-unquote ‘friends’ in virtual or IRL (In Real Life).  Together you CAN stop one of the best rock bands of all time from outselling one of the most popular pop acts of all time!  Here is a real-life example:

Keep streaming guys! This band Tool is dropping a new album after 13 years (lmao 13) is okey but.. We still have a chance! STREAM by Taylor Swift HARDER! Also YNTCD and Lover seems to doing well so.. We have work

Which brings me to the part of the article we’ve all been waiting for:  The scary implication of this news story that I mentioned earlier:

The advent of the cellphone is making our youth stupid, illiterate, and annoying.

They can’t spell, they can’t punctuate, and they have thrown away their thinking caps.  Please slap these devices out of your kids’ hands before it is too late.

In closing, allow me to leave you with some ignorant tweets from the news article I referenced earlier:

lol who is tool & who be buyin that


tool is gonna block taylor’s second week


Grandpas discovered itunes i guess


omg the length of each song made me shook


These tweets are making me shook.  Case dismissed.


38 thoughts on “Taylor Swift v. Tool

  1. Ok, now back to the rest of my answer…TOOL had those weird videos where they never appeared in them, right? I remember one where it was a grimy claymation man living alone. 🤔I think that’s them. But they were definitely ahead of their time with originality and thought process

    Not gonna lie. I have one two TS songs in my Spotify but truthfully they are good songs. But her popularity has grown annoyingly “we love kooky kola” along with Beyonce and any other artists. But if you think about it, our kids are becoming more fantasy infatuated with celebrities where the idolatry is damn near scary😱

    See, didnt think I would thrown an emoji in there, did you? 😂

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    1. Yes, that was TOOL with the weird claymation guys. Their website is really weird and creepy too. In a cool way.

      I don’t have an issue with Taylor’s music. It’s not my style, but she is a talented artist. I do tire of hearing about her beefs with other celebrities.

      I found all the Tweeting about Tool possibly overtaking her album sales kind of funny because a lot of the Tweeters don’t even know Tool exists.

      Nice emoji-ing.


      1. *bows at the hip*
        But are they really beefs? What is beef🍔🐃🐄 ( black bull but not sheep🙄)? Getting into a disagreement shouldn’t be a beef. I think (my phone just auto corrected beef to Bergdahl and I dont know why that name is in my most used dont remember talking about anyone named that🙄) beefs are stronger in nuance than say a spat. Do we grow spats into beefs?

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      2. First of all. There is a black heart and a black bull but not a Black Sheep? That’s rough.

        I’m not sure what level of disagreement constitutes a beef. I’m not even sure why it is called a beef.

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      3. 12 hour night shift. I’m a Sitter but have been working the hospital floor as CNA the past couple of nights and body is tired, “awful tired, boss”
        But I got the weekend off, so I can recoup (as much as the boys will let me😂😥

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  2. Tool is a great band! I don’t listen Taylor Swift that much. I’ve probably heard her songs by osmosis. But let kids love the stuff they love. All things considered TS is pretty innocuous and they could be doing worse things with their time than tweeting.

    I remember what my friends and I did as bored teenagers and I am fairly certain it killed more brain cells than tweeting could. lol.

    Teens have always been annoying, stupid, and close to illiterate it’s just that now it’s harder to escape them.

    Unless you get off your phone 😉

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    1. Thanks for reading and voting!

      I think Taylor is a great artist even though I don’t really listen to her stuff, except when my kid is playing it too loud. Tool is awesome, of course!

      I did dumb stuff as a teenager too. Much dumber than Tweeting.

      My worry for these kids is the attention span, obesity, rudeness, and text-speak that comes with the cellphone. I also believe they are physically harmful to our cells, and it is probably being downplayed because it is such a big industry.

      I am dreading the day when my kid asks to have one.


  3. I don’t get Swift. I was commenting about her a day or so ago on another blog. Have you listened to her country stuff before she did the Newton-John move? I remember when she appeared with the “tear drops on my guitar” song & she was the latest young hot star. She may be a true musician but, she is a mediocre singer. She gets by on her looks, mostly. She is nowhere near as talented as Carrie Underwood or Adele. I don’t own a single piece of her work. She is like a cheap, teenage Madonna knock-off without the overt sexuality.

    I’ve heard of Tool but, don’t recall a specific song. Listened to Sober. Definitely have the grunge sound & feel (I miss grunge & the rise of alternative rock). I would lean towards Tool as Swift makes my teeth hurt.

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    1. Cool. Thanks for voting.

      I don’t really like country music and I’m pretty indifferent toward Swift. I can listen to a full Adele album. There is more talent there, for sure. Carrie Underwood has been in my bad books ever since she dug her keys into the side of my pretty little souped up four wheel drive. I loved that truck.

      Tool is heavy and musically technical. It’s not the kind of music I would put on for guests. I like driving around with it.


      1. Swift is a songwriter. I will give her that, but, her writing is shallow & commercial, clearly designed to sell more records (eek! songs…showing my age). She doesn’t have any depth. She is an industry, a business…an artist? Not really. Madonna was the same way. If Madonna played an instrument or wrote songs, I’ve never read/heard about it. She, and Taylor, are cultural icons and there is always someone waiting in the wings to knock them off their pedestals. Once replaced and irrelevant, they become mouthy, political activists, tweeting anger or shouting into microphones (Ashley Judd, Alyssa Milano, MADONNA…) *sigh* Stepping down from soapbox, now…

        Heh. Maybe you shouldn’t have cheated on Ms. Underwood. 😉

        Musically technical…translation: depth, texture and substance. Hard to find these days. I miss bands/music that had layers.

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  4. Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to live in blissful ignorance of the charts and just listen to what I like. Just enjoy the music, whether you like Swift, Tool or whatever obscure genre.

    All these fans banding together on social media and getting behind “their” act are just unwittingly playing into the marketing machine and generating more dollars for already-minted celebs while neglecting their own lives and development.

    Oh and Hysteria is a favourite album of mine. Sorry Appetite or should that be “RIP Appetite” as the kids say these days?

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      1. Because they were there…weren’t they?

        And yeah, everything is just straight up “RIP” these days. I read too many Youtube comments sections against my own better judgment…

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  5. Don’t shook too hard please….
    I don’t actually follow social media, and just about get time to read blogs here and stay in touch on SF (suicideforum.com/community), so I don’t actually know either of them. I think I’ve heard some of Taylor Swifts songs and liked a couple of them. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a couple of Tool’s too, though I wouldn’t know. I seem to be out of most of these things, which makes me feel like I’ve been born in the wrong millennium sometimes.

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  6. Was there a vote per se that I missed (or that timed out)? I never listen to Taylor Swift (not that I hate her or anything like that). I really, really like tool (and A Perfect Circle).

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  7. The following time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I do know it was my option to learn, but I actually thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy searching for attention.


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