Reason for Swearing #2 (Explicit)

You are a tennis superstar.

Tennis can be a frustrating game. Cursing and swearing are part of the game. But saying bad words are for more than just causing scenes like in Reason For Swearing #1. Swearing is not just for outbursts like this famous John Mackinroe display. Swearing can be for times of jubilation as well.

There is a new tennis pro in town and she’s from Canada. Tonight she will play in the U.S. Open Women’s singles final. Her name is Biana Andreescu and she’s nineteen years old. Like me, she likes to say the naughty words from time to time. This National Post article thought it prudent to report this fact, so allow me to spread the news.

The real story, however, is not her sailor talk, but her tennis skill. Tonight she is facing off against one of the greatest athletes of all time, Serena Williams, in the U.S. Open’s Women’s Singles final. History will be made, for either Serena will win and become tied for the most Grand Slam tournament wins of all time, or Bianca will win and become the first Canadian to do so.

It should be exciting. I will definitely tune in.

As long as Bianca can keep her “shit” together, she stands a good chance. If the weather isn’t too hot she shouldn’t “get too pissed” about it. She just needs to keep in mind she is going up against “a fucking beast”.

Her words, not mine. They were uttered out of respect when Bianca consoled Serena after she dropped out of an earlier tournament due to injury.

Colourful language or not, this young lady is a class act, showing true sportsmanship and I wish her the best of luck tonight.

She did throw her racket once, but what tennis star hasn’t?


9 thoughts on “Reason for Swearing #2 (Explicit)

  1. GM,🐏
    I’m not a tennis fan, per se but I appreciate the athletes. I remember Mackinroe though, his outbursts were funny. Sometimes sailor talk is needed to get that extra energy out. And sometimes folks just like to add a cuss word here or there for pizzazz.

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    1. Not a fan? I think I can understand. She has demonstrated some pretty unsportsmanlike behaviour in the past..

      Today she was very gracious. She did not complain about any bad calls. She was congratulatory and gave hugs to Bianca.

      I think she will retire soon, but she needs one more win to tie the record. I feel like she’ll try one more time, at least.

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    1. I learned an expensive lesson one day when I slammed my fist down on my computer desk out of anger. My black phone was nicely camoflaged by my black desk. I didn’t notice the spiderwebbed pattern of broken glass on my phone’s display until the next morning.

      What you smash can be expensive, so it is best to leave the smashing to the pro athletes and musicians who can afford it.


      1. True! True!
        However, my guess is these “racket breaking moments” are not intentional (except John McEnroe’s).
        Anger hides within many of us, and it can rear its ugly head at any time. ***best not to do it on camera. 😉

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