The Politics of Blogging

In her book, Becoming, Michelle Obama wrote, “I have never been a fan of politics and my experience over the past ten years has done little to change that.”

I can certainly agree with that.

Most of us are familiar with the dictionary definition of politics – the art or science of government.  In the world we live in today, it might be more appropriate to call it the theatre of government.

I happen to like politics as defined by section 5(a) of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary: the total complex of relations between people living in society.

We the people.  Living in a society.  Our relationships are complex.

When I think about politics at a macro level, I think about how we will one day be destroyed by nuclear weapons because of human stupidity.  When I think of politics at the micro level, I think about my blog.

When @notovine said we should start a podcast, I was uncomfortable with the idea.  I did not want a bunch of audio files with my political/societal views all over them floating around out there in cyberspace.  What if I wanted to run for politics one day?  But then he said, “We should start a blog.”

Why did a couple of fellas need a blog in the first place?  That’s like the sales associate at the cellphone place asking why I need an unlimited airtime package when everyone just uses their thumbs, three-letter acronyms, and emojis to communicate nowadays.

What I’m saying is, despite my disdain for cellular phones, it’s not really the phone part I hate.  Unless someone is talking on one while he or she is being served by the cashier at the grocery store.  In that case, that person is being an asshole and he or she might need to check into the Prime Dictator spa for a leaf rake massage.

As with the mantra, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, the same logic can be applied to the cellphone.  The cellphone is a tool, and as long as the person holding it is not, then all is well with me.

Anyways, before the inception of the blog, I was in the privacy of my own home, equipped with my expensive “unlimited talk and text” plan courtesy of the serial wireless rapists.  I was holding the cancer-causer up to the side of my head for up to three hours a day, discussing politics (and everything else) with my friend.

Our phone conversations were always unapologetic.  That was the point.  Some of the stuff we were talking about was so non-PC that we would preface the conversation with, “If you’re listening…”  That was directed at the national security apparatuses that we were pretty sure would pick up on the keywords we were uttering.  Maybe the keywords didn’t matter.  Maybe they are ingesting everything just because the worldwide cost of data storage is so low.  Perhaps they are recording everything just because they can.  In my mind, it would be akin to how technology allows us to have a thousand photos on our cellphone now when a few decades ago, we might only purchase a roll of twenty-four exposures a couple of times a year.

That’s fine.  Hundreds of hours of conversation stored on an NSA server that will likely never be listened to.  I feel sorry for the person who decides to put the headphones on and listen to those recordings.

@notovine made the assessment that our conversations were gold and should be shared with the world.  His suggestion of doing a podcast was not my style, so I went with plan B.  I drew a picture of a retarded sheep, got out my credit card, and, tada, we had a blog.

What was the subject of this post, again?  Oh yeah, politics.

The original purpose of NotSheepMinded was to unapologetically tell it like it is from our perspective.  This can be at odds with the political nature of blogging.  Like a politician tries to garner votes, most bloggers try to accumulate views, or followers, or visitors.  That’s hard to do if the blogger is always offending his readers.

I’m curious what you think:  Is it better to state my raw opinion as is consistent with the original purpose of the blog, or should I be more political and tone it down for the purpose of maintaining my readership?




56 thoughts on “The Politics of Blogging

  1. Ah, blogger’s jitters or bloggers’ jitters?

    I didn’t realise there were two of you – you might want to add an About page which explains things or not.

    What does @notovine think about all of this?

    Blogger’s jitters = do I want to be popular in the blogosphere, get lots of Like and stuff which may require turning myself into one of those politicians I hate or do I continue to be myself as is which might not be popular in the blogosphere because I say stuff and don’t do stuff?

    You only started this blog in Jan 2019? During the ‘blogging is dead’ period of blogging. Just keeping going following your original vision or visions for it. Give it at least another year or two or five or don’t.


    1. Thanks for your input/advice.

      To clear things up – there are two of us, but @notovine has only posted one article to date.

      The “jitters” came into play once I started to “get to know” some of the readers of my blog. I value the fact they read the blog almost daily, but I know that certain articles I need to write will directly contradict their world views. In real life I would shy away from that type of conflict unless someone really got in my face.

      If my associate starts posting regularly I might as well stop worrying and go with the flow because he has way less of a filter than I do.

      In my opinion, it’s always good to get a second opinion and that is why I put this article out there. Thanks again for chiming in.

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    1. My buddy has only posted once, so you’ve been talking to me this whole time.

      Thanks for the support on the podcast. I don’t know if it is the right medium for me. It would just sound like, “Baa, baa, baa.”

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      1. Thanks, you are very kind.

        In truth, there are many topics where I am totally one-sided *slaps a Keurig pod out of someone’s hand*

        And I don’t really like hearing my voice on a recording. I also heard that is kind of common.

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  2. Was the post by your counterpart recent? I think I noticed something… “different” a couple of days ago and it made me wonder.

    It’s a difficult one. I started this blog with the intention to discuss difficult topics. Back then, there was more controversy going on that now. Or maybe I was just following politics closer then. I never shied away from expressing my opinion, however, my posts never centered around a specific politician, but rather the issues.

    Politics is a very polarizing topic. Unfortunately, it seems like people aren’t open for debates anymore. They have their opinions and you cannot really do anything to change them. If that’s the case, what is the point of discussions? If you are looking for like-minded people, sure, you might get some. But you will also get those who are against you. It depends what you’re trying to do. You might gain some followers and you might lose some. You need to be prepared for people who disagree with you. A lot. And you need to be prepared for that to taint your other/ non-related posts.

    I’d recommend creating a separate blog if you want to do pure, specific, politics.

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    1. Yes, his post was kind of different but along the same lines. I think it was a couple of weeks ago. I have encouraged him to add an avatar icon to his account so that we will be more easily differentiated if he starts posting regularly.

      Some issues are up for debate and some I have my mind made up on. One example is the Bible. At this point, I don’t think anyone could convince me it is the true word of God. Not because I’m closed minded. I have just weighed the facts over the course of a lifetime and I am okay with my stance. I will still listen to arguments for either side, I just will be more likely to “agree to disagree”.

      Gun control, as an opposite example, I have not made my mind up one way or the other. So I can still listen to the arguments and give it deeper thought.

      Attracting only like-minded people is an option, but that would be kind of boring, don’t you think?

      I like the crowd that my dog’s breakfast of a blog attracts, and at this time I can’t be bothered to start another one. Maybe one day I will branch out.

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  3. Bottomless Coffee has done a lot of podcasts. My personal suggestion would be to keep it around 20 min. as anything past 30 min….well, you know the human attention span.

    Word of caution…WP is not above shutting you down if they find you have violated some arbitrary, hard to find TOS rule(s).

    Former blogs wiped out without warning:

    If they don’t like what you say, there is no recourse. This is their playground.

    The one thing you should never talk about is the CT school shooting:

    That will get you canned quicker than anything.

    Some if those sites, above, had been around for a decade or more. That means they had to retroactively go back & dig for the offending information…all because folks questioned something.

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    1. I listen to Coffee’s podcasts from time to time. Maybe I’ll do one with him one day if he’ll still have me on.

      WordPress is sensitive about CT shooting. Check. I wasn’t going to go down that road as tempting as it might be. Of all the shit Alex Jones said, I’m surprised that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      If I get shut down I guess I’ll have to find something else to do with my free time. So much for free speech, I guess.


  4. Carry on being you. I believe that the minute a blogger, youtuber or artist chooses to adjust their output in order to chase followers/subs/financial gain, then they risk losing sight of why they started in the first place.

    Besides, the last thing we need is more people to be toned down and incarcerated by the poison that is political correctness.

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  5. Your blog is my first destination in the morning. Stay true to yourself. I am not much for collecting followers; I would rather stroke someone’s mind; anyone. Just found out through an email that super-moron holy Ken Ham reads my blog.

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    1. Thanks, man. Your blog is also my first stop.

      I hope Ken Ham learns something from reading your blog. The last time I saw him speak on the internet he thought the world was 4,000 years old.


  6. Speak your mind. If they’re worth knowing they won’t care that you’ve different opinions, they’d appreciate that you aren’t a sheep. Personally the only stuff I know about politics is one blogger’s write ups I follow, I only read hers because it pertains to me with Brexit. Otherwise, I just find it boring and a waste of time, for by passing my opinions I’m not going to get anywhere. And yes, I have my opinions and thoughts (for example I feel like some of the liberal – key word some for I’m sure it’s not all – are so into being ‘liberal’ that they’re gone more closed minded than those who don’t identify as ‘liberal’, for those liberals then bash and refuse to accept the rights of those who are narrow minded etc. I can rant on and on. What for? I don’t know the names of the different parties, or what they mean, and to be honest I don’t care. I’m not about to change politics. I’m all into changing the world. Not the politics though. Why’ve I rambled this here?
    Either way, write what you want, for people shouldn’t care if you have different views, although if that’s the only thing your blog is about they won’t be following, but if that’s the only thing your blog is about – which it isn’t – then you wouldn’t care for a diverse readership either way either.
    Ramble over.
    Love, light and glitter

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    1. I appreciate your comment. Thanks.

      I somewhat agree about “What’s the point of talking politics?” It is hard to change someone’s mind if it is already set. I guess if I can get one person’s attention and they at least think about what I say, then that is a win.

      Liberal and conservative are just labels, really. In Canada, our conservatives are basically what liberals are in the U.S. I think every person has some “liberal” and some “conservative” views about the world.

      The consensus is to keep doing what I do so that’s what I’ll do. Hopefully I will still have some readers at the end of the day.

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