Gender Parity (and Dragons)

Last night I watched a few episodes of season twelve of the Dragon’s Den.  If you’re not familiar with the show, here is the premise:  An entrepreneur (or entrepreneurs) pitch an idea to the “Dragons” (in this season, a group of six millionaires).  The Dragons then compete with each other to offer the entrepreneur money to advance their business in exchange for a stake of equity in the business.

Of course, it is all very fake and made-for-tv, but the entrepreneurs are real and in some cases, they do get a deal that helps them further their business.  Even if they don’t get a deal from the Dragons, the television exposure they receive usually helps them anyway.

Good.  Great.  Grand.  Wonderful.

Here’s what is different about this season.  There used to be five Dragons, now there are six.  Due to the odd number of Dragons, there was always one more male member than female.  That’s just how it worked out.

In 2015 Justin Trudeau announced his gender-balanced cabinet.  16 men and 15 women, as opposed to Stephen Harper’s 27 men and 12 woman cabinet.  Why did he need to balance the cabinet disproportionately to the total numbers of men and women members?  In his own words, “Because it’s 2015.”

That’s as good of a reason as any, I suppose.

Eggcellent.  Fast forward to 2017.

For season twelve, the Dragons on Dragon’s Den have achieved an even better level of gender-parity.  There are three male dragons and three female dragons.  Keep in mind, we are only talking about “binary” genders here.

Good.  Great.  Grand.  Lovely.

The Dragon’s have achieved gender parity.  That’s so great.  They can invest in entrepreneurs on an equal playing field now.


The Dragon’s sit in a semi-circle while the “presenter” enters the stage from the back and presents their great invention, idea or whatever on the stage.


So in the episode I watched, the entrepreneur enlisted the help “the world’s strongest man” (or something like that).  The guy is huge and muscular, obviously.  He could basically lift my car above his head if he wanted to.

So this guy comes out on stage and right away the women are hooting and hollering and licking their lips and talking about his muscles and all that shit.

When he comes out in his little man bikini or whatever the fuck you call it, one of the females beckons him over so she can “see what his muscles feel like”.  Then another one wants him to pick her up to see how strong he is.  She comments that his size is equal to “like, three of her”.

In the show’s introduction, a big deal was made of the fact that males and females would now be equally represented.

But is it really equal?

If a swimsuit-clad female walked onto the Dragon’s Den stage and one of the men wanted to “feel her arms just to see what they feel like” and then wanted to pick her up, that would not fly.  Not in the #metoo era.

I guess I’ll file this so-called equality under C for Car Insurance.

We can’t have it both ways, folks.

25 thoughts on “Gender Parity (and Dragons)

  1. So this is like Shark Tank, then.
    Great piece.
    I’m actually slightly surprised that they went from 5 judges to 6. Usually in those cases they would just make it be 3 females and 2 males. That’s what equality seems to mean.
    Why don’t we just let everyone be? Instead of trying to force ourselves in front of them?

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    1. Yes, pretty much the exact same show. Some of the previous Dragons actually joined the Shark Tank show a few years ago.

      I find it a little too crowded up there with six dragons. I think it was more exciting with five.

      I just thought it was funny how these business women couldn’t wait to grope the body builder.

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  2. Never seen the show but your description is on point. I think all this has to do with culture and upbringing. Not all men will catcall a woman. Not all women will ask to feel up a guys biceps (sounds creepy right?) women get a pass on that, but not men.

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  3. This is what happens when beta male rapists take over. All they ever do is talk about how bad men are and how they respect women. All the while, they are plotting on how they will take advantage of the women.

    Not only are men and women different. But believe it or not…we all are different as individuals. When we allow our individuality to be categorized down to penis or vagina and skin color and whatever sexual organ we like to put in our mouths, then that is all we will ever be, stereotypes.

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  4. It’s the kind of observation I’ve been making for a long time. Over here, racy ads or anything that could be interpreted as sexy for the male viewer are now few and far between but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around.

    I for one, as a man, really don’t care about what the SJW’s are blabbering about. I’m going to look at what I’m attracted to and I won’t feel guilty. That’s how it should be for both men and women. It’s just a shame that certain people are doing their damnest to ensure that sexual attraction is considered a crime unless you hide it away within yourself like a dirty secret. They are also doing a right hack job of it with the blatant double-standards like this.

    Do you have your own version of Dragon’s Den in Canada or the US then? I’m not sure if the UK version that we get is the original or not but the best part for me is watching the people come on with absolutely terribly planned out business models and seeing them fall apart under scrutiny.

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    1. I agree with your points on sexuality. I have a sexy calendar in my garage. So what? It’s my garage.

      Canada does have a different Dragon’s Den. It’s been going for 13 or 14 seasons I think. I think it is funny when people go on there and they are totally unprepared.


  5. Gender equality is an oxymoron. A cis, non-transgender male (or whatever stacked up labels are used to determine a normal male) cannot get pregnant or have a baby…not without FrankenScience. The sexes shouldn’t be equal, they should strive for balance. Strengths & weaknesses, blended. But, that’s just me. What do I know…

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