Reason for Swearing #3 (Explicit)

Indigenous rights have been violated.

The honourable Prime Minister Trudeau wants to build an oil pipeline.  Why?  Because it is good for the environment…

Wait… What?

That’s right.  He says that a pipeline will make moving the oil more economical.  Then instead of stealing the money in the normally prescribed manner, the government will use it to help the environment.

Fair enough.  So what has got people using curse words?

This may surprise you, but it all boils down to a politician breaking a promise.

During the election campaign, Trudeau was asked about Indigenous rights:

“…for some, they would say no matter what the scientific evidence, they don’t want that pipeline on their territories.  Would no mean no under your government?”

He responded, “Uh, Absolutely.”

Merriam-Webster defines absolutely as:  in an absolute manner such as completely or totally.

I don’t need to define no because the interviewer already did.  No means no

It seems then, that while on the campaign trail, Trudeau promised in an absolute manner (completely and totally) that if an indigenous group said “no” to a pipeline on their territory (for whatever reason), that no would mean no under his government.

Promises aren’t going to get the oil out of the oilsands, though.  In Trudeau’s own words, “No country would find 173 billion barrels of oil in the ground and leave them there.”

No.  Can’t leave ’em there.  First, we need to destroy the land to get those barrels out.  Then they need to be converted into pathetic paper bills for billionaires to light cigars and wipe their asses with.

In order to do all that, we need a second pipeline to make it all flow more efficiently.  And that’s upsetting Canada’s Indigenous people worse than that time when they built the first pipeline.

So without further ado, please watch this short video featuring my favourite curse word as NDP (New Democratic Party) Member of Parliament, Romeo Saganash tells Trudeau exactly what he thinks.  Enjoy.







28 thoughts on “Reason for Swearing #3 (Explicit)

      1. If people are doing experiments with bias, then they are not following the method properly. If an experiment yields a conclusion, an independent experiment by another party should be able to reproduce that same result. If not, then the original conclusion is suspect.

        The method is rooted in logic, but not all people are.

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  1. 1. I am not picking sides. It does not affect me and I do not have an opinion on the pipeline matter.

    With that being said:
    That’s not how I understood him saying agreeing to “No means no”. Of course no means no. I can ask your opinion and you can say “no”. I accept that, but it does not mean I will listen to you. Do you see what I’m trying to say?

    Also, promises, promises. The thing is that when you run for a specific position, you have an idea of what you want to do, but you can never be 100% sure that is how you will actually act. It’s not because you are a liar. Sometimes you learn of new information that makes you change your mind. Sometimes you have to give to get something else.

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    1. Trudeau promised to improve upon Canada’s abysmal record with its native people. This does not appear to be in line with that promise, in my opinion.

      But, hey, I didn’t really expect a politician to tell the truth. Besides, they forgot to pinky-swear.

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