Three Hundred Thank-you

Not Sheep Minded has reached 300 followers.  Thanks, everyone.

I have to get out of the city for a few days for my own sanity.  Sanity and a little fresh air.  Like the air on Sesame Street.  I’ve oft wondered why the air would be so sweet on an urban street with elephants, giant birds, and a hobo in a garbage can?

You didn’t come here to reminisce about the well-written Sesame Street song?  You want the good stuff?  When I get back from my weekend hiatus, I will deliver.  I promise.

Here are the working titles of some upcoming posts to look forward to:

  • Handfull of Billionaires
  • Legal Tender
  • The (Canadian) Election, eh?
  • Banned:Vaping
  • Toddler Blogs. Yes, it’s a thing.
  • Flags of Convenience
  • Between Faith and Foolishness
  • Rhyme is Not a Crime
  • Positions of Power
  • Self Preservation
  • The Archives


Enjoy your weekend.

15 thoughts on “Three Hundred Thank-you

  1. Congrats! Always nice to know someone is out there isn’t it?
    I wish I had kept track of how many business or fake site followers I’ve zapped. When I look at some people’s 1500 counts, I feel unloved.

    Liked by 1 person

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