Blackface – Audio Response to The Most Controversial Post Yet

When the “Justin Trudeau painting his face brown” scandal broke last week, I wrote a post about it. Scherezade had some thoughts on it and I promised if she wrote a post about it I would reblog it for her.

She produced an excellent audio response.  Please check it out:

Scherezade's Labyrinth

Blogger BlackSheep touched upon this heavily controversial subject on his blog the other day.

During the Canadian debates, PM Justin Trudeau admitted (reluctantly) during his Q &A portion he wore blackface.


Am I surprised? No.

Am I upset? Find out by clicking the link below!AjmwuKgdXDbPhF_4OfQ1zqYuwbex

I decided to record a response between Kareem and myself. I hope its coherent.

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13 thoughts on “Blackface – Audio Response to The Most Controversial Post Yet

  1. Children do not know the history behind blackface and should be encouraged not to wear it. Adults know the history and the controversy happening now, so should refrain from wearing it…EVER.
    Nothing good comes out from wearing blackface.

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  2. Very interesting audio conversation! Great Post!

    I’m curious when your husband stated, “he would punch someone in the face”, for saying something offensive at work, was he being literal or expressive on his emotion?

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      1. The statement means that given a set of responses, violence can be one of those responses.
        Bob says something offensive at work to your husband.
        Your Husband chooses how to respond:
        A) Walk away.
        B) Express concern
        C) Punch him in the face
        In this case C is a valid option as stated from your husband and confirmed in your response.
        I was just curious because of the topic and it’s implications on racial stereotypes.


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