This Week’s Emotion – TENTATIVE

Tentative is defined as:

not fully worked out or developed

I utilized a supercomputer (courtesy of IBM) to analyze all of my blog posts for their tone (aka mood).  The long version of the story is here.

Each post was given a value between 0 and 1 in each of the following categories: Anger, Fear, Joy, Sadness, Analytical, Confident, and Tentative.

Today’s emotion is Tentative.  You can choose next week’s emotion by voting in the comments.

Without further ado, here are Not Sheep Minded‘s top 10 most Tentative posts, according to a machine that does not experience emotions (that we know of):

Post Tentative %
Vague Talk 0.964263
Mansplaining 0.953167
Parabellums (A Poem) 0.942233
Quantum Inevitability 0.925825
Cassandra Complex 0.907585
The Friday Mosquito (Paranoid Android) 0.904528
976 Piece Puzzle 0.855344
What’s Your Refund Policy? 0.850202
A Contest: Why Does God Hate the Toronto Maple Leafs? 0.84647
Waterfall (A Poem) 0.832221


19 thoughts on “This Week’s Emotion – TENTATIVE

    1. I have the data. The average for each category is as follows from largest to smallest:

      Tentative – 35.27
      Analytical – 29.92
      Joy – 11.79
      Sadness – 10.10
      Confident – 5.18
      Anger – 4.99
      Fear – 1.49

      Have you seen the Pixar movie, “Inside Out”?

      This reminds me of that!

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  1. I’m thinking Id like to see anger. I just received notice that Grammarly can analyze my email responses before I send them out. I bet when I use the service I’ll be surprised what it will flag in that category. I bet you will be surprised also when you test for anger.

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    1. I didn’t know Grammarly did that. I use the free version, maybe I don’t have that feature.

      I made a slight mistake in my analysis. I accidentally analyzed the post plus the associated metadata (title, URL, etc). It didn’t make much of a difference on the longer posts, but on smaller ones, it had a larger effect. So the TENTATIVE post was slightly off, but the future tones will be more accurate.

      I’m going to do Fear next, but I will follow it up with Anger. I’ve already run all the numbers but I’m going to release one each week.

      I also ran everything through Google Text Analytics. It give a score from -1(negative sentiment) to +1(positive sentiment). Overall my blog has a somewhat negative sentiment, not that I’m surprised.

      The strongest correlation between the two systems was in sadness.


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