Weird Coincidence #10

Weird coincidences keep happening to me. My buddy, who is a math teacher, says it is all just the mathematical odds playing out.

I’m not always so sure.

Do you think the universe reveals things to us serendipitously, or are the things that happen to us just due to mathematical chance?


Weird Coincidences So Far
Coincidence Topic
Number 1 Pizza carried vertically
Number 2 Pizza folded in half
Number 3 Cathedral fire
Number 4 Parabellums
Number 5 RoundUp
Number 6 Falling Rock
Number 7 San Diego Padres
Number 8 MasterCraft Boat
Number 9 Same birthdate

Yesterday, I released a draft of a little gem I wrote called Bait for Trapping Humans”.

Yesterday, a fellow blogger that I follow, rsrook, released this post, also about bait.

Two posts about bait on the same day.  Both featuring an image of a fish biting at someone or something dangling from a hook.

His post was his most viewed in a single day.  Mine was my most commented on in a single day, and very close to my most viewed in a single day.

BAIT.  What is the universe trying to tell us?

17 thoughts on “Weird Coincidence #10

  1. As I commented on Weird Coincidence No. 1, it is not math. Well, it could be sort of, but it definitely could be “science” or the place science and “religion” collide. Paranormal. you would like reading Jung’s ideas on synchronicity if you haven’t already.

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    1. OH MAH GAWD.

      But you know, “Bait” was the Inktober prompt for that day, meaning that it would have been trending in the tags.

      I suspect the algorithm infected a larger pool of humans through the pineal gland, influencing our extranet perceptions and behaviour. It’s really the only reasonable explanation.

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      1. He wouldn’t have to be. A lot of Inktoberers post on IG, FB, and Twitter.

        Although, if your friend happens to be a total social media Luddite, we have to assume that no one is really disconnected and we are indeed living in The Matrix.

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  2. Good morning 🐏
    I’m late to this conversation but I believe in universal connection, especially with us bloggers. We become insync somehow, it’s like the Universe puts out a word or phrase and we all write about it in some way.

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