Sky Friends Contest

Sky friend.  George Carlin’s words that I borrowed when writing an article about religion.

Then Coffee over at BottomlessCoffee007 wrote this piece.

Is a rap battle style back-and-forth between blogging juggernauts about to ensue?

A debate challenge can eat up a lot of time as I learned the other day.  But I have a different challenge for our readers.

But first, I will answer your query as to why, when I profess skepticism toward all religions, do I only pick on Christianity.  It is only because I grew up with this religion and I have looked in its book.  Out of fairness, I will try to come up with some good Scientology jokes for a future post.

In the meantime, If someone knows of a better book than the specific version of the one that the household I was born into taught me to observe at a young age, I’m all ears.

I’ve been asked not to hide behind the moniker “equal opportunity offender” and tell you what I think about all religions of the world.

I will not take the bait this time, but I will invite anyone who thinks cracking jokes about Christians is easy, to write their own post making fun of atheists.  It will be much harder than you think without an “atheist” book full of so much juicy material, but I know our readers are funny and can make it happen.

The important thing is debate has inspired us to write.  Maybe some readers will want to let that contagious feeling spread and write a post about religion.

Best generally religious post, or a post making fun of atheists.  The winner gets eternal life and a ride on Ezekiel’s chariot.


23 thoughts on “Sky Friends Contest

  1. Fan-fucking-tastic BS! I was actually worried for a split second that you would be offended by my post, but I had to keep it 100%!

    Why Scientology? My first assumption is because Scientology is usually stereotyped as predominantly white. But who knows, let’s keep it going.

    Your a good sport and an awesome debater.

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  2. Atheists seem to do more preaching today in America than most religions. Atheists go around telling everyone else how they got it wrong and calling believers idiots.

    What is that book that atheists believe in? Oh yeah, the science book, the atheists bible.

    Atheists think they are smarter and more well behaved than believers, and they have no problem going around telling everyone how amazing and smart they are. Talk about hubris.

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  3. I think it really makes a difference what you grew up in, and what the hegemonic religion of your community is. I have known Indians who grew up in Hinduism who make fun of it, and likewise, people who grew up in Judaism who make fun of that religion. I think the context is generally different when it’s people closer to the “in-group” making the criticism rather than someone on the outside.

    Additionally, if you start criticizing religions which are practiced predominately by non-white people, it tends to attract and goad on that crowd that agrees with you not because they have philosophical problems with the religions themselves, but because they hate black & brown people or foreigners. I wouldn’t want to contribute to that.

    Though personally, I prefer to avoid ridiculing anyone’s faith practices, unless they are directly and negatively impacting my life in some way. Atheists can be just as preachy and arrogant as any other fundamentalist if they approach from a place of wanting to feel superior instead of genuinely being interested in increasing understanding or supporting discussion. Much like overly preachy Christians, that’s about making the preacher feel good, it doesn’t do anything for their respective causes.

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    1. I like this response. It is honest and it is fair.

      Unfortunately this particluar blog cannot hold back for fear of sounding preachy.

      Religion is not negatively affecting my life, but I am not an abused choir boy or a child having excorcisms performed on him, or an opressed woman, or a homosexual, or a suicide bomber strapped up with explosives. I would say the folks listed above might have had religion negatively impact them just a wee bit.

      The aim of my post was not to feel superior. It was an attempt to jolt people out of their indoctrination and think. As Lander7 of Reality Decoded so eloquently said (in reference to conspiracy theories, not religion), “We find ourselves in a web of lies with occasional morsels of truth. We have to carefully separate that morsel from the lies that surround and hold it in order to absorb and enrich our understanding.”

      While Not Sheep Minded may sound preacy at times, I can assure you I will never ring your doorbell at dinner time to deliver my message.

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  4. Atheists are the other side of the Christian coin. Just as delusional. They talk about God a whole lot, and enjoy the same 501 (c) (3) tax exempt. The only difference is the pedophiliac way of life. When it comes to covering Islam, it’s hard for me to get pass an illiterate camel herder who flew to Medina on a magic carpet to preach that Muhammad raped a 6 year old girl still playing with her dolls.

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