Squirrelville Reveries | Day 1

That was a topic that caused quite a lot of discussion from Saturday through Monday (without any break on the Sabbath). I could barely keep up with all the conversation. Now I know how God feels trying to respond to all those incoming prayers.

Does this have something to do with that piece, “Positions of Power” I blobbed this morning? Yes, I said blobbed, not blogged. Because it was a blob. What substance of blob you can decide. Tell me in the comments section. I don’t give a blob.  It was written a while back and never met my standards for release.

But I released its blobbiness anyway. I couldn’t help it. I was stuck in a pickup truck.

If you want to know what the post was about, it was about the Netflix docuseries, “The Family” which I binge-watched a month ago.  It has been staring at me ever since from my WordPress drafts folder. I had to let that ugly thing out even if it was from the passenger seat of a Ford F-150.

All roads wind to their destination and I made it to mine. Back to Squirelville. The land of fresh air, but not the land of wi-fi hotspots. I’m here for a span of seven days, each day leading up to a greasy turkey in my belly.  If you think that’s fowl, you might want to stay away from the turnip casserole.

So what’s a Sheep stuck in a Squirrel’s world to do?

Blog at night, of course. After the sun goes down and the kids are in bed. The Euchre has been played. Everyone has yawned out and put themselves to bed.  Except me.

The laptop comes out. The dead-battery sonofabitch is plugged into the receptacle that is controlled by the light switch. The light is blinding me but that’s only half as annoying as the fly that buzzes around it.  The thighs burn to support the weight of the computer but I can’t change positions because the cord is stretched taut to reach the power source. And, yes, I am holding the computer on my lap. Something you should never do with the inaptly named thing. That is if you actually want it to breathe. I can feel it overheating as I type.

When some people can’t sleep they count sheep. When a sheep can’t sleep he counts the number of false boards on the 1970’s wood panelling. Eighty-Nine will get you around the room. Not sleepy yet?  Let the listing of the board games on the shelf be your lullaby:

Rebound, Clue, Monopoly, Monopoly (yes, there’s two), Wide World, Balderdash, Trivial Pursuit, Mouse Trap, Racko, Sorry, Guess Who, InWord, Snakes & Ladders, Dominoes, Pythagoras, Berky Circle (no idea what this is), Chinese Checkers, Super Sink The Fleet (sounds like Battleship), Aggravation, Price Is Right, PassWord, Jigsaw Puzzle (not really a game), Yahtzee, Waterworks, Trivial Pursuit Junior, Mickey Mouse Yahtzee (really?), Battleship, Scrabble, Stock Ticker…

7 thoughts on “Squirrelville Reveries | Day 1

  1. Heh. I suspected Netflix. Ah. The Family…International Foundation. I wonder if they are as bad as Family International…what used to be called Children of God…you know, the group that fucked up River Phoenix and his entire family?

    What possessed you to binge watch that?

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