Squirrelville Reveries | Day 2

Me: “What was the name of that awesome blog that lost all of its readers when its creator started posting the Squirrelville Reveries?”

Squirrelville resident: “What’s a blog?”

Me: “It’s like a diary of a crazy person’s thoughts posted on the internet.”

Squrrelville resident: “What’s the internet?”

Just then I hear a voice behind me. “BlackSheep, are you talking to the red squirrels again?”

They were talking to me first.

Squirrelville is a bit of a misnomer. Not the squirrel part. There are plenty of those. But there is no ville, village, town, or hamlet. This is the middle of nowhere.

It’s a good place to hide if you’re a whistleblower.

I’ve been mostly off the grid for a few days. I’m saving my wireless data for checking WordPress and writing blogs.  It’s like kicking ass and taking names, only not as cool.

So, if someone could go ahead and let me know how many whistleblowers we are up to now? That would be great… *say it like the Office Space boss*

Also, if someone could let me know if any celebrities and/or politicians got caught using blackface makeup in the last few days, that would be great...

And for the love of God could someone pretty please tell me what the hell is going on with the Kardashians? I’m going through some serious smartphone withdrawal here.

That would be so great…

16 thoughts on “Squirrelville Reveries | Day 2

  1. The term “whistleblowers” will no longer be used; we prefer spies and traitors, like in the old days. These days, even the black politicians don’t dare be seen in blackface. And the Kartrashians are still on a deep dive to reach the bottom of the pile.

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  2. The Kardashians?
    You haven’t heard?
    You better be trapped under a rock, because there is no excuse otherwise.
    Kris Jenner is still the Godfather.
    Caitlyn Jenner has not transitioned back to man.
    Kourtney Kardashian is the least interesting of them all. No change there.
    Kim Kardashian West thinks her kids have the best of names.
    Khloé Kardashian is fighting over some guy.
    Rob Kardashian is nowhere to be seen. Hard to stand out among a sea of desperate women.
    Kendall Jenner is Instagraming or something.
    Kylie Jenner – I thought she was Kendall.

    (Fear not. I googled their names. I actually don’t remember them.)

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