Squirrelville Reveries | Day 3

The little throat tickle turned into a full-blown sinus cold. I disgustingly snorted and hacked all night. My eyeballs and teeth were throbbing when I woke up, so I hitched a ride to the pharmacy twenty kilometres from here.


I take Brad Pitt’s advice from the movie 12 Monkeys, “Know your drugs. Know your doses.”

Generic Advil Sinus by day and NyQuil to knock me out tonight.

Being dosed up on cold pills is a heck of a lot better than the high pressure mucus ride I was on before.

The question is, “Where are all the birds?”

I don’t think I’ve seen one since I’ve been here. Usually there are lots of them.

Any theories?

5 thoughts on “Squirrelville Reveries | Day 3

  1. They don’t want to catch the sinus cold.

    By the way, over on my blog I have awarded you the Sunshine Blogger award because I believe that you spread sunshine through sarcasm. Don’t know if you’ve ever gotten it before, but if you are game, come on over and answer the questions. Drugged up on Nyquil might be the perfect state in which to do it.


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