An Emotional Week – ANALYTICAL

Analytical is defined as:

skilled in or using analysis especially in thinking or reasoning

I utilized a supercomputer (courtesy of IBM) to analyze all of my blog posts for their tone (aka mood).  The long version of the story is here.

Each post was given a value between 0 and 1 in each of the following categories: Anger, Fear, Joy, Sadness, Analytical, Confident, and Tentative.

Here are Not Sheep Minded‘s top 10 most Analytical posts, according to a machine that does not experience emotions (that we know of):

Post Analytical %
Mark Sargent (A Poem) 0.949221
Chuck’s Regrets (A Poem) 0.939283
Mandela Effect #1 0.913135
Tide POD Personality Test 0.908114
The Programmer (A Poem) 0.887283
Banned: K-cups 0.887283
Attempted Minimalism (A Poem) 0.874714
Cassandra Complex 0.85938
Blackface – Audio Response to The Most Controversial Post Yet 0.84747
“It’s in the tone, dear Watson.” 0.844187

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