Kill All Cows

Kill all cows.  A simple solution to a multi-faceted problem.  We have too many cows on this planet.  There are the ones we provide vacancy for on acres of torched rainforest.  There are the ones whose poop flows into the Mississippi.  And there are the land behemoths that roam the aisles of our Wal-Marts.

The type-2-diabetes-type cows are kept barely alive so big pharma can sell them a cocktail of expensive meds.  Keep them sick, but well enough to feed at the trough.  Have Bayer and Merck been cashing in on cash cows at both ends of the spectrum?  There are profits to be made on the pills we wash down with cold glasses of bovine milk, but have you ever considered the profits earned from drugging the Betsy-the-cows that make up our food chain?  My guess is the profits from dosing humans are a drop in the proverbial bucket, just as the amount of water you can save from buying a low-flush toilet is a drop in the bucket compared to what animal agriculture uses every day.

So who is on board to stop eating animal-based products with me?

If you are inclined to remind me that I posted a picture of yours truly grilling up some hamburgers last summer, you are not wrong.  You would also be correct in observing that I was drinking an ice-cold long-neck of suds.

Beer and barbeque.  Two things I thought I would miss a lot, but when I consider the positive impact their absence is having on my health, I barely miss them at all.

Each of us eating two ounces of meat per week might be sustainable for the planet.  All nine billion (or however-the-fuck many of us there are now) eating nine ounces per day is not.  But why would we want to anyway, when it is so damn unhealthy for us?

If you are mobilized to dig your heels in at this point and tell me the flesh and milk of other animals are the healthiest things for us, I would say the monies spent by the marketing departments of the meat and dairy establishments have been worth every penny.

If you think our canine teeth evolved for ripping meat, go catch a squirrel and try to eat it raw.  You will go hungry and will have a sore jaw.  Our teeth (and digestive tract) are for plants.

I know an insult-laden post won’t change anyone’s mind.  But that’s my brand, bitches.  It’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the documentary, Game Changers:

“If you go to people and say, ‘You must stop eating meat’, they will say ‘Fuck you! Who the fuck are you to tell me what to eat?'”

Maybe that will be your response to this article.  But I invite you to research the subject with an open mind.  I think you will find that the future of our planet and our health is plant-based.








13 thoughts on “Kill All Cows

  1. Maybe if you were Arnold Schwarzenegger, people would listen to you (after all society seems to listen to even “washed up” personalities) – I, however, do not and will not.

    As for killing all the cows… that’s wasteful – whatcha gonna do then? – that’s a whole lotta rotting meat.
    In the meantime, I’ll help where I can – one steak at a time

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      1. …or pigs or chicken or even (gasp) the thanksgiving turkey. 😆
        I must apologize for the Arnold Schwarzenegger comment – I didn’t mean that he was washed up. I only used his name because (well) you did first. 😉
        As for the steak – that’s really my wife, I prefer mine more ground up and in a “patty” shape. 🙂

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  2. In a perfect world I would be a vegan. And while I realize the hypocrisy of being an animal lover and a meat eater at the same time, I just can’t picture myself ever being satisfied with prime kale roast or a tenderloin of squash for very long.

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