IQ Test

Q. What is the most likely place to contract the coronavirus? A. A crowded church sanctuary. Q. What is the most unnecessary place to go during a worldwide pandemic? A. A crowded church sanctuary. To the most tremendously devout folks: If you truly believe God himself put that grey thing inside that soccer-ball-shaped thing on … Continue reading IQ Test

Kill All Cows

Kill all cows.  A simple solution to a multi-faceted problem.  We have too many cows on this planet.  There are the ones we provide vacancy for on acres of torched rainforest.  There are the ones whose poop flows into the Mississippi.  And there are the land behemoths that roam the aisles of our Wal-Marts. The … Continue reading Kill All Cows

Polarities Podcast – Worth a Listen

I've been listening to the Polarities Podcast.  It's a very well produced podcast (in my opinion) and in its own words is an in-depth series about borders, real and imagined.  Here's a short description from the website: Drawing on stories from around the globe that illustrate both visible and invisible barriers, the series touches on … Continue reading Polarities Podcast – Worth a Listen