Polarities Podcast – Worth a Listen

I've been listening to the Polarities Podcast.  It's a very well produced podcast (in my opinion) and in its own words is an in-depth series about borders, real and imagined.  Here's a short description from the website: Drawing on stories from around the globe that illustrate both visible and invisible barriers, the series touches on … Continue reading Polarities Podcast – Worth a Listen

Blackface – Audio Response to The Most Controversial Post Yet

When the “Justin Trudeau painting his face brown” scandal broke last week, I wrote a post about it. Scherezade had some thoughts on it and I promised if she wrote a post about it I would reblog it for her.

She produced an excellent audio response.  Please check it out:

Scherezade's Labyrinth

Blogger BlackSheep touched upon this heavily controversial subject on his blog the other day.

During the Canadian debates, PM Justin Trudeau admitted (reluctantly) during his Q &A portion he wore blackface.


Am I surprised? No.

Am I upset? Find out by clicking the link below


I decided to record a response between Kareem and myself. I hope its coherent.

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