What’s Your Refund Policy?

Visitors.  Drinkers.  Not critical thinkers.  Stealing time.  Stealing life. Sitting around on hand me down couches.  Drinking from cans.  Describing their kills. Dandelions.  Brain cells. More cans.  More smoke.  No sleep.  No joke.  Can't sleep for snoring.  Bite guard for grinding. Wake up.  It feels.  The same as last week.  Another adventure.  I just want … Continue reading What’s Your Refund Policy?

Homework on a Holiday?

Vets make sure animals stay healthy.  One tool a vet uses is a needle.  The needle is for giving medicine.  A vet on a farm wears tall rubber boots to protect their feet.  A vet who works indoors wears a white lab coat. What are you doing on your Victoria Day?